One Fine Evening was always meant to be a learning experience. It’s turned into quite a longer project, but it's always such a fun challenge. For my research, I've embraced classic and modern fairytale imagery. 
With a mixture of fairytale flare and modern mystery, we follow an ensemble who discover a dark curse, which exposes mysteries within their town. 
Character Design 

Original design by Laura Chiarella 

Selected Key Frames 
This project has gone through so much in the past year. You can find my original visual development on my Behance
Credits - In Production
Written by: Hayley Purvis 
Directed by: Ashley Purvis, Hayley Purvis 
Art Director: Hayley Purvis 
Team: Laura Chiarella, Aly Perez, Ashley Purvis, Fisher Stroud

If you'd like to help out with this project, feel free to contact me! :) I'm currently looking for animators, colorists, background artists, composers, and voice actors. We would love the help! ​​​

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